HARD-ONS - Most People Are A Waste Of Time, X-Press, April 2006

With it being touted as a pop record that, by rights, should be all over the radio, Most People Are A Waste Of Time illustrates something the world already knows that the Hard-Ons seem to be unaware of: they have always put out pop records that, by rights, should have been all over the radio. Even their more ballistic numbers have had brilliant melodies as their backbone, shown in the best light on the band's amazing Yummy album - a record yours truly would put in the all-time top 10 without blinking. The only difference between this new album (the band's 10th) is that there are no straight-up fast-as-fuck songs. Everything else is right there; the instantly loveable melodies, the Ramones-esque 'power through simplicity' attack, the contrastingly sweet vocals / bullshit-raw guitars… this is the Hard-Ons as they have always been: perfect. If the array of top-notch songs on this record is not enough for you, in addition to Blackie's bittersweet vocals is the return of Keish to the studio. Though no longer a fulltime part of the band - and not to detract from Blackie's awesome carrying of the torch - having Keish's voice back at the front of the Hard-Ons' wall of rock is a fan's dream come true. Every note, every lyric, every breath on this album is unmistakably Hard-Ons, making them one of, if not the only, Australian band who have consistently put out brilliant albums for over 20 years. There hasn't been a shit one yet, and Most People Are A Waste Of Time shows not even the slightest sign of that changing. Buy this now.