TOP 20

The 4ZZZfm Top Twenty is calculated by the number of plays a release has recieved on 4ZZZfm in the week previous. As 4ZZZfm is not playlisted, it is the best way to find out what is popular with 4ZZZfm announcers. It is calculated on a weekly basis, from releases in our new release Hot Bin.

::::::::The Gin Club 'Fear of the Sea' :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;

21 JANUARY 2006
1 Special Branch Time to go home
2 the Herd the Sun never sets
3 Coco Rosie Noah's Ark
4 Ed Kuepper This is the magic mile
5 Bertha Control Out of control
6 Laura Jean I'm a rabbit I'm a fox
7 the Knife Deep cuts
8 Music versus Physics Oblong data
9 Franz Ferdinand You could have it so much better
10 City City City The Perimeter Motor Show
11 Seaplane Technical difficulties
12 The Winston Giles Orchestra A magnificent beautiful day
13 Various Artists Everything is illuminated soundtrack
14 Various Artists This bird has flown (Beatles tribute - anniversary of Rubber Soul album)
15 the Whats All mouth no trousers
16 We are wolves Non-stop je te plie en deux
17 Tim Rogers and the Temperance Union Ghost songs
18 El Borracho Yip Yah!
19 Wolfmother Wolfmother
20 AFX Hangable auto bulb

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