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Last updated February 2012

Custard DVD Spaces by the Side of the RoadThe Spaces by the Side of the Road, Custard's official DVD, was released in late 2007.  It featured most of the band's music videos, the Wahooti Fandango TV commercial, and some live footage.  Click here to download an information sheet about the DVD.  The DVD is now out of print.

Stalkerbait Dave McCormack Custard DVDDave McCormack released a DVD called Save Dave in 2003.  It featured a mini-documentary, a Polaroids live set, and a couple of music videos.  It is also out of print.

Back in 2006 and 2007, I (Dave, the webmaster) compiled my own McCormack DVD compilation called Stalkerbait.  It comprised over 20 hours worth of music videos, television performances and home videos, spread over 12 discs.  For more information and to check whether copies are currently available, visit the Stalkerbait page.  You can also watch some videos that I have culled from the Stalkerbait DVD compilation below.

Videos taken from the Stalkerbait DVD set

Recently uploaded Videos

Custard - Pinball Lez (live on Recovery)

Promoting the upcoming release of We Have the Technology, on Recovery in 1997.

Custard - Umlaut (live at Homebake)

Rare performance of a b-side from the I feel like Ringo single, at Homebake in 1998.

Custard - Leisuremaster

Home video of a three piece incarnation of Custard playing at a party.

Custard - Singlette & Alone

Broadcast on Community Television in early 1995.

Older Videos

The Titanics - Encore from final pub gig

Dave McCormack chats to the crowd, and then the Titanics Your Woman and Apartment. I believe this was filmed at the Espy in 2002

Custard - Alone (live)

Custard playing Alone on the steps of the Sydney Opera House in 1996.

Custard - Apartment (live)

Another Custard clip from the Sydney Opera House in 1996.

Custard - A Clean Break (live)

Custard cover 'A Clean Break' by Talking Heads in early 1995.

Custard - Music is Crap (live on Hey Hey)

Custard perform Music is Crap live on Hey Hey It's Saturday in 1998, with Darly Somers playing drums.

Custard - Lucky Star (live)

The Custaro Youth Orchestra open their set with Lucky Star. I believe this performance is from Homebake in 1998 or 1999.

Custard - The Synthesiser is rapidly overtaking the guitar as the most popular instrument in the world / Sunset strip (live)

Live in concert on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, for Crowded House's farewell show in 1996.

Custard - Goofinder

Also from the Crowded House gig in 1996.

Custard - Caboolture Speed Lab & Interview on Recovery

Custard crack out Caboolture Speed Lab before Dave McCormack and Matthew Strong are interviewed by Calamity Jane on Recovery, in late 1998.

Custard - Anatomically Correct

Live on Recovery in 1997, for the launch of We Have the Technology.

Custard - Apartment (live)

This clip of Custard playing Apartment live was recorded at a gig around 1995.  This video was originally broadcast on Recovery in the mid 90s and later appeared on the Spaces by the Side of the Road DVD.

Custard - Express Yourself

Custard do a rawkus cover NWA's classic 'Express Yourself' on Channel V's The Joint, in 1999.

Stalkerbait compile / preview

A humorous assortment of TV clips from across Dave McCormack's career (from Custard to the Polaroids) that I edited together using footage from Stalkerbait.

Custard - Compilation

Another humorous collection of clips from Stalkerbait, this time featuring just Custaro, that I put together.

Custard - Ringo

Live on Good News Week in 1999.

Custard & Molly Meldrum

Aussie music icon Molly Meldrum attempts to interview Custard about Loverama, for the program 'The Drum' in 1999.

Custard - Ringo Cowebell

Some home video from an instore at Rockinghorse Records in 1999.  Features Andrew Lancaster on the cowbell. Thanks to Emma for the footage :-)

Dave McCormack - Heavy Metal

Live on Hessie's Shed in 1998.  Heavy Metal was a Frank'n'stein song (F&S = one of McCormack's side projects).

Dave McCormack & The Polaroids - featuring Gentle Ben Corbett - I'm Bored (live)

Cover of Iggy Pop's classic, live on the Truth About Love tour of 2004. From the second Stalkerbait bonus disc.  The footage was shot by Jade Pham and edited up Dave, the Music is Crap webmaster.

Who's Gerald? - Pins and Needles

Music video, from about 1989

JTV Interview

David McCormack discusses the Go-Betweens tribute concert he coordinated on JTV in mid 2007.

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