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Last updated January 2011
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The Melniks were a wonderful 1990s indie band from Brisbane, Australia.
The Melniks were a pop culture referencing band, trading in irony and smart-slackerdom before they were trite qualities, whose garagey recorded works and shambolic live shows made them a Brisbane institution to too few."  - Matthew Lobb
On this fansite you can learn about the Melniks career (and all the members' "other" bands), listen to a bunch of rare audio recordings, watch some videos, look at photos, and much more :-)

Melniks News

David Hannah has uploaded some old photos of Cunningham and the B-Sides (ie. band featuring the same lineup as the original Melniks - Cass, John Swingle and Trevor Ludlow) over on his facebook. There are a heaps of rare photos of other Brisbane bands too. Check out the photos here and here.

KISS love the Melniks

Thanks to Izzi Bennett who sent me a copy of a Melniks interview for the zine 'Stephen Swift' in the mid 90s.  You can read it by clicking on the images below.


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