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Last updated Feb 2012
The Fauves are are a band that hail from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.  The band is best known for its string of catchy mid-late 1990s JJJ favourites such as Dogs Are The Best People, Self Abuser, Bigger Than Tina, Celebrate the Failure and Give Up Your Day Job.  However, the Fauves have actually been around since the late 1980s, and the band is still releasing music today.

The Fauves band

On this site you can learn more about The Fauves career, download some obscure mp3s, watch some videos and read interviews with the band.

The Fauves - News

The Fauves are playing shows in San Remo and Sydney in late February.  For more details visit the band's official website.  They also have a new album out called Japanese Engines.  You can buy it on itunes or on CD from JB Hi Fi, Play4Me, and good local record stores.  Read an piece penned by Coxy in Beat in which he reflects on the band's albums. The band's official website has also been updated.  The Fauves will have another album out soon called German Engines.

For some reviews of Japanese Engines, see the press clippings page.

You may also like to check out some recent videos by the youtube user d Bamptonoid, who has been posting some tasty stuff including a recent performance of Self Abuser by Coxy and a special backing band.

To keep up to date with upcoming Fauves shows, keep an eye on the band's Premier Artists page and the band's official website.