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Last updated January 2008

The Melniks, Biro and Cunningham's tapes and CDs are all long out of print and near impossible to track down these days.  Your best options are ebay and GEMM.

A selection of recordings are available for download below.

The Melniks - Best of Compilation

melniks i know you are but what am imelniks have you ever noticedmelniks schmelniksmelniks fairway to seven

The Melniks never released a "best of" or "greatest hits" CD.  However, I (Dave, the webmaster) have compiled 24 of the band's best songs into a "best of" package that you can download.

Download The Best of The Melniks

The compilation features:

  • I sucked a lot of cocktails, Best of mates, Cops 'r' tops, Byrds & Beatles, and Backdrop from Fairway To Seven (1997)
  • Drew Romance, Anna, Grosby, Kim or Kelly, Bengal Curry House and Silver stars Schmelniks (1996)
  • The single remix of Chunky Doh (which was originally on Schmelniks)
  • Big toe, Squiddgy, Never see you, Apple tree, Close to you, Miller in the can and Lenny & Gladdys from Gordon From Sesame St (1994)
  • Hero sandwich, Tuffs, Lucy is a bean and Little old green man (Degrassi Mix) from I Know You Are But What Am I?  (1993)
  • Sega from the Melniks R Uncool tape (1992)

The Melniks - Rarities Compilation

melniks have you ever noticed raritiesI have also compiled a Melniks rarities compilation for the hardcore fans out there.

Download The Melniks Rarities Compilation

The compilation features:

  • Sabotage and Gone Fishin', which were recorded as demos in December 1995, and were released as b-sides in 1996 on the Chunky Doh / Anna single
  • Backdrop, Chugga, Tommy and the alien, Monaco Grand Prix and Beer from demos recorded in June 1996
  • Sausage Rollins, Vacation, +1, Donut shop, I'm dobbin', Golf tips, Nature show and Chip lady from demos recorded in December 1995. Some of these recordings were released on the Behind the Tandoor tape, which was given away to the first 50 punters through the door at The Melniks farewell show
  • Archaeology, Byrds & Beatles, Cops 'r' tops and Swoop, from four track demos recorded in January 1997.
  • Melnik Rock Opus, Clear as Dayglo, Comin' round the bend, Cass' County and Drew Romance (DFH Mix) from a post-Fairway to Seven practice session in 1997/98
  • Sausage Rollins and Chugga, recorded as demos in September 1996 and released on the Behind the Tandoor tape

Please note that the December 1995 demos from the Behind the Tandoor tape are much better quality than those that were available for download on (the old mp3s were sourced from a dodgy cassette, where as the mp3s now available for download were ripped from a CD).

Cunningham compilation


A 10-track Cunningham compilation for your listening pleasure!

Download the Cunningham compilation

The compilation features:

  • The packet of Winnie Blues from Very Cunningham (1998)
  • Aisle seat and Blundell from H*A*M*S (1999)
  • Giant steps, Hey Sista and Expert tones from His and Hers (2000)
  • Just Jeans, Twin attack, Hump of the week and Alternative to good, from Live at Rics (2002)

Biro et al. compilation

And finally, a 10-track Biro compilation is available for download. This features recordings from various incarnation of 'Biro' such as Small Fantasy, Skippy and of course Biro.

Download the Biro compilation

biro spare parts for broken heartsThe compilation features:

  • New Tattoo and Ladies Man from Biro's Spare Parts for Broken Hearts EP
  • DSS, Soft Side and the Small Fantasy theme, from Small Fantasy's self-titled EP
  • Space Girl, Difficult and Formula One from Biro's Ready to go steady cassette
  • Easy Come, Easy Go from a Biro live set on ZZZ
  • Skippy Theme, from Skippy's Dare to Dream CD

Other Stuff

To hear what the members of the Melniks and their mates have been up to in recent years, visit the following sites: