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Last updated February 2012

Music is crap dot com is primarily a tribute to four great Australian bands/musicians - Dave McCormack (frontman of the band Custard), The Melniks, The Fauves and The Fergusons

You can learn about each artist and access a plethora of rare and obscure content, including mp3s, videos, zines, photos, reviews and more.

This site also contains a list of gigs that I (Dave, the dude behind the website) have attended over the years, as well as memorabilia such as. fliers, setlists, press clippings, videos and photos.

The name of the site is lifted from one of Custard's most popular songs.  Dave McCormack is often miscredited as being the genius who wrote music is crap, however it was actually penned by Custard drummer Glann Thompson back in his days fronting the obscure Brisbane band Adults Today.

Music is Crap