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Last updated January 2008

The vast majority of The Fauves' releases are long out of print, and difficult to track down.  Your best options are keep an eye out on ebay and GEMM.  A selection of releases can be purchased direct from the band, via the official Fauves website.  You can also try online retailer Waterfront Records.

A selection of obscure Fauves recordings are available for download below.

The Fauves - Rarities Compilation

I (Dave, the webmaster) have compiled 22 obscure Fauves recordings into a rarities package that you can download, and then burn to CD.  These recordings were issued as b-sides, featured on promotional discs, or are taken from live bootlegs.

Download The Fauves Rarities Compilation

The compilation features:

  • Live Recordings of Don't Get Death Threats Anymore, Dogs are the Best People, Understanding Kyuss, Caesar's Surrender, Insert Your Life and Ticket to the Big Time
  • Birthday at Sea, Sleep wonderfully warm with Linda Lovelace, Frontman Practice, She's Down on the Coast, Lakeside, Cross Dresser and Fade Behind the Thin Body.  These are b-sides that DON'T appear on the band's Prefer Others b-side compilation.
  • Anyhow... try ambivalence, Get me the Research, and the Self Abuser demo.  These were issued on the Lazy Highways bonus disc.
  • The full version of Everybody's getting a three piece together.  This is very rare, and was only issued on the 3-piece promotional single in 1995.
  • Misguided Modelling Career, from the Tight White Ballhugger EP
  • Dwarf on Dwarf, Marble Arse and Glitter Us.  All three tracks were issued as singles in the early-mid 90s.

Live at the Wireless - 2000

Download The Fauves - Live at the Wireless (2000)

  • Digitised from a cassette, but the quality is still quite good
  • First Day on the Run / Bigger than Tina / Medium Pacer / Write What You Know / Give up your Day Job / Every TV Star has a Dark Side / Going for my Blue Belt / Celebrate the Failure / The Charles Atlas Way / Astronaut Talk / Dogs are the Best People

Thousand Yard Stare Promo

Back in 2000, a Thousand Yard Stare promotional CD was released. It featured four songs from the album, plus Coxy discussing these songs

You can download the parts where Coxy discusses the songs.

Download the Thousand Yard Stare Promo Disc

  • Intro / discussing Taking the Uni Student out to the Country / discussing Going for my Blue Belt / discussing Astronaut Talk /  discussing Every TV Star has a Darkside / Concluding Remarks