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Last updated January 2012


15 Minutes To Rock is an excellent documentary about the Fauves that was made by Vanessa Stuart.  It chronicles the Future Spa and Lazy Highways years and was broadcast on SBS in the late 90s.  You can watch it on youtube.

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the fauves 15 minutes to rockthe fauves 15 minutes to rockthe fauves 15 minutes to rock

Music Videos

TV Performances

  • Interview with Coxy & The Doctor / Self Abuser (1996)
    From Channel V's coverage of Homebake 96.  Coxy talks about how the kids at his school used to tease him about his name.  Also, keep an eye out for the 'I Wank Hard' sticker on his guitar.
  • The Fauves on Recovery (1997)
    It would appear that the Fauves are guest-hosting Recovery, or something along those lines in this video.  Features Coxy talking to David McCormack and Matthew Strong from Custard, and also snippets of the Fauves playing Everybody's Getting A 3 Piece Together and You're the Voice.