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Last updated January 2008

melniks band video drew romanceThe Melniks made music videos for the following songs:

  • Carpet - shot by Channel 9's Wonderworld.
  • Cup of Tea - directed by Niamh Lines, who recently worked on Gorillaz's Feel Good Inc. video
  • Drew Romance - also directed by Niamh Lines
  • Chunky Doh - a film student shot some footage to make a video for Chunkydoh, but it's unknown whether the video was finished or not
  • Backdrop - an entertaining, low budge clip that was edited by Cass as part of a Uni project

The Melniks were also featured in a segment on the ABC's old program Recovery in which the band played at a school.

You can download a few Melnik videos below.  If anyone has a copy of the Carpet clip, Recovery segment or any other Melniks video, please send an email the webmaster.

melniks backdrop videomelniks backdrop videomelniks backdrop video


Music Videos

The Melniks - Backdrop

The Melniks - Drew Romance

The Melniks - Cup of Tea

Live Stuff

melniks live video

Around 1994/95, the Melniks played a gig in Brisbane called Megapop.  The gig was captured on home video, and you can watch some footage from the night by clicking on the links below.  The quality isn't great, but it's better than nothing!  Some of the clips start off a bit dark, but the lights do come on.

The Megapop show was Trevor Ludlow's last with his post-Melnik band Biro before he headed overseas.  As a special treat for both Trevor and the audience, the Melniks let him jump up on stage to play some old Melniks ditties with Cass and John Swingle.  The first video below features Cass, Trevor and John playing a song called Instrumental - which actually has words!  There's also some banter and a dodgy cover of the Guns n Roses classic Sweet Child o Mine.  In addition to the Cass/Ludlow/Swingle stuff, there's a couple of videos featuring the classic four piece Melniks


Melniks Related Videos

Some Melnik-related bands have also made music videos. You can watch some of these clips by following the links below.

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