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Brett's Birthday Bash @ Rosemount Hotel, Friday January 16th, 2004

I can't remember much about this gig, except for meeting lots of Jo and Brett's friends and buying a Fuzz t-shirt, which fell apart a few months later.

@ some park in Wanneroo, Saturday January 17th, 2004

I ended up at this show totally unexpectedly I was doing a mad dash to Bunnings after a cricket match when I noticed some giant concert going on. Upon further investigation, it turned out that James Reyne (Australian Crawl) was playing to a whole lot of Mums, grandmas and kids in a park.  To my surprise James Reyne was actually quite good and I knew a bunch of his songs.

The Avenues CD Launch @ Rosemount Hotel, Saturday January 24th, 2004


@ Hyde Park Hotel, Saturday January 24th, 2004

Myself and Jo went along to The Avenues CD Launch, mostly to see Steve Parkin and The Fergusons.  The place was packed with punters from very early in the night (probably because Little Birdy were also on the bill).  Steve Parkin & the All Star Band (featuring members of Eskimo Joe, The Avenues, Autopilot, Little Birdy and End of Fashion) were brilliant.  Then the Fergusons came out and played the worst set I ever witnessed from them (see my scathing comments below). I was really disappointed on the night.  Jo and I then took off down the road to the Hydey where Rockin Hendy were playing a set of awesome old school covers like School's Out For SummerThe Volcanics were also on the bill and played a killer set.  However,  by the end of the Volcanics' Archfiend was falling asleep on the Hydey couches ('cause she'd just started a new full time job and was exhausted) so we left.  The other thing I remember about the Hydey gig is that it was full of punks but Russ was there wearing a Ben Folds t-shirt, which I thought was awesome.

After these gigs I wrote on perthbands!

The first thing I noticed (at the Rosemount) was that it was really loud (too loud) when I walked in the door. Steve Parkin was louder than Head Filled Attraction last Friday at Brett's Birthday Bash. Nonetheless, the Steve Parkin All Star Band was pure gold baby.  The Fergusons were very average. In my experience they tend to be shit hot or really shit, and on this occasion they were the latter. This was the first time I've ever seen them not play Waste of Time (or anything off Hurting the Washing Machine for that matter). The mix was bad - you couldn't hear the guitars properly, especially the solo in Everything's Gone Bad. The couple of newies were alright but the old Weezer-tinged sound they used to have seems to have completely disappeared. Even the more rocking/funky songs (eg Die, Let's Cook It) seemed a bit lacking on Saturday night.  The best thing I did was to leave at the end of the Fergusons' set to go and see some bands that actually know how to turn up their fucking guitars. The Volcanics and Rockin' Hendy at the Hydey ruled, and the crowd was far friendlier as well.

@ the Carlton, Monday January 25th, 2004

The Carlton was totally packed for this show, which was kinda like a homecoming for Mach Pelican.  They were really good.  I also met Wastin' Time and Ciderbubbles from perthbands at this show.  Wastin' Time had just won a lawn bowls comp and was drunkenly showing off the trophy from his win.  It was pretty funny at the time.

After the gig Archfiend wrote on perthbands:

The 'pelican rocked. I like this show a lot, the crowd was awesome too.

Trippo wrote:

Yeah, pelican ruled. the downer of the night was when Wastin' time made me kiss his trophy.  Thank god it wasn't a metaphor.

Ciderbubbles wrote:

Mach Pelican were absolutely fabulous!!  Over the last couple of years I've heard so much about them and finally i got to see them and they lived up to every single one of my expectations!! I've never seen such a happy bunch of people at a little perth gig.


@ Claremont Showgrounds, Sunday February 1st, 2004

This was a very cool BDO as I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of bands on the day. The Darkness played an energetic and highly entertaining set early on the main stage. El Horizonte played a brilliant twilight set on the local stage. They played a bunch of new songs that were exceptionally good. The Flaming Lips ended the day with an fantastic show on the small stage.  The Flaming Lips' stage show was extremely cool, with giant dancing bunnies, huge inflatable balls, video cameras on the microphones that were projected behind the band, and more!  I don't know how anyone that saw The Flaming Lips could have been disappointed by their set.

After the BDO I wrote on perthbands:

I had a good day, except for losing my $200 sunglasses.

Top 3 Bands for the day were:
1. The Darkness
2. Flaming Lips
3. Magic Dirt

At the end of the Flaming Lips I got hold of the giant balloon ball and wanted to take it home, but Archfiend wouldn’t let me.

The Sleepy Jackson were a lot better than the last time I saw them. Local Pricks pulled a big crowd to the local stage and put on a very entertaining (although loose) set. Talking of local, El Horizonte played one of the tightest sets of the day.

I also caught some Datsuns, Gerling, Jet, Karnivool, Little Birdy, Dandy Warhols, Muse and of course Metallica. Fuck that is the biggest crowd I have ever seen.

And oh yeah, there seemed to be Antistatic stickers everywhere.

Sin City Farewell Show (b4 moving to Melbourne) @ the Newport, Sunday February 29th, 2004

The Fuzz were entertaining as always at this show.  Duceman got a Fuzz song dedicated to him for the first time.  Sin City had an off night. I was bored for most of their set set. Tash-Pricks had a lot of guitar troubles and the songs sounded flat.  The best part of the set came at the end when Tom-Prick charged through the crowd with his snare drum, jumped up onto the bar and proceeded to beat it to death!


The Shagroom Show @ Rosemount Hotel, Saturday March 6th, 2004

This was an excellent show, not so much for the bands but all the other activities taking place on the night!  The press release for the show read:

"THE SHAGROOM SHOW - brings you 4 of Perth's best bands in a sexy sleazy night full of fun. The Meaning Of, El Horizonte, EyeSpy & Uberfaust will be providing the tunes, and the party will be raging with the first ever "Unisex Wet T-shirt" comp, Mistress Helga's spanking competition and the Body Tequila Shot competition. With giveaways from FPWA, including lubes, condoms, sex toys and other surprises in store. Not to mention the brand new outdoor Rosemount Bar will be in full effect! MC Burb and Mistress Josie will be onboard again to ensure the night stays nice and dirty."

I dressed up in a seedy 70s party costume, added some lipstick kisses all over my shirt and face, wore g-string around my neck and attached handcuffs to one wrist.  Duceman, attired in a dressing gown, won the spanking contest, and Angelfire the wet t-shirt comp.  As for the bands... Uberfaust were on first and were awesome (and pulled probably the biggest crowd of the night).  It was very function!  Uberfaust's set culminated in a fantastic cover of Winds of Change by Scorpions.  I can't remember much about the other bands' sets.

Sic Sessions CD Launch / Headshot Farewell Show @ Amplifier Bar, Saturday March 13th, 2004

This gig was the CD Launch for the Sic Sessions Live CD.  The gig also doubled as Headshot's Farewell show.  It was also the first gig to take place at the Amplifier following considerable renovations. Next door Little Birdy, The Panics and Eskimo Joe were christening the "Monkey Bar."

Opening proceedings were Subtruck, who were playing their first gig in months (the band had been in the studio recording Ballbearing).  Subtruck played a very entertaining and extremely loud set that was dominated by Songs to Whistle At War tunes.  A few older numbers (such as a killer version of Mercy Bucket) also snuck in there.  Phil-Truck commented that some of the songs were getting played for the last time, as the band would be playing an "all new set" at their next gig, which was the Ballbearing launch.

After Subtruck I snuck off to a 21st that was happening just down the road on Wellington St (there was free beer!).  I then returned and caught a bit of HWC and Headshot.  Headshot were playing to a very full room that was very hot and steamy.

After the gig Magz wrote on perthbands:

It was a killer show! Burb did an awesome job especially under the circumstances, All bands played mind blowing sets and it was sad to finally see Headshot fire their last shot, but boy did they rock out and would have made more than a few new fans.  About the venue itself, it does look very nice and the spaciousness will help alot, however the ridiculous beer prices and the soon to be "dress code" will put off many people from going back and/or booking a gig there. I hope they relax the dress code they want to put in place as it would be a shame a place where one could be themselves will be killed in place of arty metrosexuals.  Anyways killer night, the aircon not working was a bitch but you get that. Great work burb!

Duceman wrote:

Headshot, Subtruck and HWC were very, very impressive. Headshot owned the crowd, hands down, but did anyone else think that Subtruck are going to fucking own the entire city of Perth soon? Their set was amazing. Maybe it's just the effect of having not seen them in so long.  Does anyone know who that chick who was dancing to Subtruck at the start? With the pigtails and hilarious shimmy-like motions? Pure gold. Michelle and I coined a new artform - "Heavy Metal Erotic Dancing".

@ Rosemount Hotel, Friday March 19th, 2004

This gig was a benefit gig raising money for abandoned cats!  I only saw a few Rotary 10 songs.  Front woman and rhythm guitarist Anne Marie was jumping around very, very enthusiastically on stage, strumming her guitar like crazy.  Then, during one song, something went wrong with Steve (the lead guitarist)'s amp or guitar.  The sound from his guitar completely cut out.  Despite Steve's problems Anne Marie powered on, continuing to jump around stage like a madwoman pulling rock moves galore.  However it was suddenly obvious that as well as there being no sound coming from Steve's guitar, there was also no sound coming from Anne-Marie's.  This wasn't because her guitar or Amp had blown, rather she'd been turned down in the mix to a practically inaudible level - hence why she'd been able to rock out so much!  Anne Marie was practically miming her guitar playing.  This had been covered up by Steve, but when his guitar cut out all was revealed.  As a crowd member this incident was pretty funny to watch, although I guess it must have been a bit embarrassing for the band at the time.

The Fuzz were excellent and debuted a few new songs.

151. CHRIS FULLER (Acoustic) & Showbag (Acoustic)
@ the Amplifier, Saturday March 27th, 2004

One of my best musical moments of 2003 was sitting in the Rosemount beer garden under Chris Fuller at the WAMI's as he played a song called On top of the world. He played that song again at this gig, so I was happy. Live and acoustic it is an incredibly catchy song.  The other thing I remember about this gig is that Chris kept saying, "Hey Gang" to the crowd.

Yac It Up @ Point Walter Reserve, Sunday March 28th, 2004

Eskimo Joe's hit single From The Sea had just hit the radio a few weeks before this all ages festival gig.  I went along to re-investigate the band.  I was a little disappointed on the day (and by the resulting album A Song Is A City).

After the gig I wrote on perthbands:

Today I finally got along to YAC It Up for the first time, albeit only for a little while at the end of the day. The event seemed pretty well organised. It was easy to get in and out relatively quickly and the PA sounded nice and clear. Well done Melville YAC. 

Eskimo Joe worked the crowd well and organised their set smartly… opening up with From The Sea and Wake Up, burying the large chunk of unreleased material in the middle of the set, and then winding it all up Driver and Who Sold Her Out.  Archfiend summed up the new songs appropriately in three words…“Boring as Batshit.” (Mind you she also said “Play a Jed Whitey cover” and “Look! The kids want ‘Pull My Finger!’” repeatedly). The new songs sound like they would be right at home on 94.5fm.  The new stage line-up was interesting, but Dan Bull was far more entertaining when he used to jump around like a maniac with The Sleepy Jackson.

Best moment of my day – seeing some 15 year old in a black Iron Maiden t-shirt crowd surfing like a maniac pulling giant devil horn rock signs while Eskimo Joe began to play a really slow new song.


@ Amplifier Bar, Saturday April 3rd, 2004

Capital City fantastic at this show.  The Working Class Is After Us was played at breakneck speed. The Fuzz were good too, and I got a song dedicated to me :-)  I hadn't seen Trash Ivory before. They sucked, and were the worst band on the bill.  Screechy vocals = bad news. As a result I left early.

After the gig Duceman wrote on perthbands:

The Volcanics were, uhm, Volcanic. As in explosive, hot, and sexy. How a volcano can be sexy I do not know, but they pulled it off.  The Fuzz fucking rocked as well, and I scored the trifecta.  Capital City played faster than I expected, but were still red hot. I'd like to draw everyone's attention to just how rad a drummer Russ is. He was dropping QOTSA beats like they were going out of style.  Trash Ivory were much better, for my money at least, when they slowed things down and got all creepy.

Ballbearing Album Launch @ Amplifier Bar, Saturday April 24th, 2004

This was a fun CD Launch, although Subtruck had to cut their set a bit short because the night was running overtime.

I summed the night up nicely on perthbands:

"I got there late but had an awesome time. I’ve never been much of a Heavy Weight Champ fan, but what I caught of their set was really good. Subtruck were killer as always and it was good to see such an enthusiastic crowd for them.

I walked away from the night happy with a CD, new t-shirt, a setlist and Phil’s handwritten lyric sheet for “Alphabeast.”  Burb is correct about the new t-shirts. They are very cool, nice and shiny with 3 silver prints. They leave the old ‘truck shirts for dead. The album sounds pretty good on first listen as well. It’s great to hear some live favourites like Moment, Go and Anger Management on there, as well as some new-new songs.

After Subtruck’s set last night some English guy started harassing me about the band. He said he went to gigs all the time in England and Scotland, but this was the best thing he’d ever seen in his life!  He was asking if the ‘truck were a local or national band, if they had a big record deal, and where he could buy a CD. I escorted him straight over to the Sic2 merch stall!

I’m going to disagree with Death on a Stick over Stompdog, it was the only song that didn’t quite do it for me last night, as well as the new recording of it on the album. This is most probably because I like the old version of it so much, and it sounds like Phil has changed some of his guitar work on the new version.


Fuzz Residency Week One @ Amplifier Bar,  Friday May 7th, 2004

In May 2004 The Fuzz scored a month long Friday night residency at the Amplifier Bar.  This gig was the first show.  The Fuzz played an excellent set as per usual, and along with many other people I got a song dedicated to me.  One of Trippo's friends had her drink spiked at this show.  She collapsed on the floor inside the Amplifier. She had to be carried outside and I think Trippo took her to the hospital.

Fuzz Residency Week Two @ Amplifier Bar, Friday May 14th, 2004

This gig was a bit strange because I was filming The Fuzz for a Uni Film and TV assignment.  I rocked up at about 8pm but I didn't have to film until 11.45pm so there was a lot of waiting around.  It wasn't a bad night though.  Ben Fuzz told me funny tour stories and about The Fuzz's love of the old Dunsborough bakery.  The Fuzz were excellent and what I saw of The Arachnids was pretty good. MF & his Truckload of Hope sounded a bit slow for my liking.

You can watch the video that resulted from my filming at this gig if you want.  There's also snippets from an interview with Fuzz-front woman Abbe that was filmed the day after the gig.  It's quite entertaining.

The Fuzz - An introduction to... - Watch it here

Amplifier Fifth Birthday Bash / Fuzz Residency Week Three @ Amps, Friday May 28th, 2004

This gig was the fantastic final free Fuzz friday of the month. It also happened to be the Amplifier Bar's fifth birthday, as well as Wanno's 21st, and Liam's pseudo-21st.

After the gig I wrote on perthbands:

I had a good night. I finally watched a Screwtop Detonators set, their music was good but I'd like to know what their lyrics are, they sounded a bit emo. El Horizonte were excellent, the only bad point was that their set was too short! The Fuzz were great as usual.

I'd like to apologise to Ben Horizonte for dropping his mic stand under the front of the stage - underneath all the foldback speakers, where he couldn't get access to it. It was an accident, I was just trying to just place it back on stage after he had hurled it into the crowd (accidentally I think).

Big ups to Ab Fuzz for letting me win the free bag of goodies, even though I got her very simple "what is our band called?" question wrong. It was a bittersweet win though - the pack included the latest Ash album (which I already purchased last Monday) and a guitar lead (I forked out for a lead two weeks ago).


WAMI Weekender @ Monkey Bar / Amplifier, Saturday June 5th, 2004

This gig was pretty cool.  The turnout was huge!  I summed my  night up at the time on perthbands:

I only went for a while last night as I have a killer cold at the moment.

The Fuzz were fantastic. I’ve seen them every weekend for over a month and I’m not remotely sick of them yet.

Last night was the first time I’d seen The Fergusons as a four piece. I was impressed. Quite a few of their new songs are surprisingly rocking. I far prefer these new songs to the slow, boring newies they were playing as a five-piece earlier in the year (although Let’s Cook It is missed). Their new song with the refrain 'Will you wear your bikini tonight?' was particularly catchy. The Fergies seem a bit more like a “regular band” now – they’ve lost a bit of their uniqueness on stage and in sound – but still sounded good to me.

I’ve always avoided Gyroscope and last night was the first time I’d seen them in a couple of years. They jumped around on stage like madmen but their songs just don’t do it for me. I agree with Brettly’s comment on another thread that they threw too much at the stage and suffered for it."

Burning Inside Headshot 451 Launch @ Rosemount Hotel, Saturday June 19th, 2004

This gig, presented by and Sic Squared records, celebrated the posthumous launch Headshot's 451 EP. Each band on the night performed one Headshot cover.  Subtruck did Product Placement with Joey K on vocals, and it went over really well with the crowd.

There was a red dress theme and competition for best dressed.  Josie won the girls comp by a landslide, and some random dude won the blokes in a much tighter contest.  The photos you can see above are by Epitaph and Magz from

@ Heat,  Friday June 25th, 2004

This sold-out show was awesome and FREE because Duceman paid for my ticket as a birthday present. Unfortunately there were a lot of retards amongst the 800-odd people at the gig, but that was to be expected.

Mr Sandman were the opening band. They held the attention of the crowd surprisingly well, and even broke Heat's "square pit of death" by the end of their set. Mr Sandman were tight and rocking - I was impressed. The same can't be said for Butterfingers. This band's music is SHIT. They had one decent song. About halfway through their set Duceman and I went outside to sit in Heat's courtyard which was far more entertaining.

Spiderbait were fuckin' awesome. They sounded surprisingly clear and powerful - even Janet's vocals! My recollection of the setlist is as follows: Shazam, Take Me Back, Hot Water & Milk, Pack It Up, Cows, Four on the Floor, Outta My Head. Picky, Fucken Awesome, The Dog, Run, Old Man Sam, Calypso. The encore was a cool version of Buy Me A Pony featuring Janet on drums, and a monster version of Black Betty (which had gone to #1 on the singles charts about two weeks prior to this show). It was a nice selection of songs - the band played at least one track off all of their albums expect Spanish Galleon. They also focused on fast, rocking songs, rather than the electro-stylings of the Wally Funk era.  Run was the my favourite track of the night - it was nuts! Way more rocking than the studio version. I was very pleasantly surprised they played it.

During Outta my head some idiot jumped on stage. An annoyed Whitt instinctively threw his guitar over the idiot. Whit then looked the idiot in the eye and basically said "there you go" and before walking off stage. Suddenly the idiot was standing in front of 800 people and didn't know what to do - he obviously couldn't play guitar!  Janet and Kram saw humour in the situation and were nice to the idiot, who eventually jumped offstage. Whitt returned and the band finished the song. Later the same idiot was seem climbing fixtures above the bar, much to the annoyance of the bouncers.

Kram's performance on the night can't go without mention. He is an awesome drummer and a great entertainer. Kram came out from behind his kit on a number of occasions and got the crowd clapping and chanting along. Kram, and the whole band had the crowd in the palm of their hand. It was great!


Revelations Album Launch @ Rosemount Hotel,  Saturday July 3rd, 2004

Before this show Jo and I went to watch the Ramones documentary End of the Century.  Then it was off to the Rosemount.  You can see The Fergies and Red Jez's setlists by clicking on the thumbnails above.

After the gig I wrote on perthbands:

I had a good night. Only caught the tail end of The Panda Band, they sounded interesting.

Snowman were probably my highlight, especially their last song (Zombies on the Airwaves of Paris) which has the big rock-out drum part in the middle of it. Combined with some awesome lighting, it made for a great little spectacle. 

The Fergusons were mellower than their WAMI weekender gig but still pretty good. I liked all of their songs except sinner is red - it sounded terrible without Mike's lead guitar part. 

Red Jezebel's set was a nice mix of old and new. And it was a genuine call from the audience for an encore, which was nice. Big, enthusiastic crowd too, well done boys!

My whinge for the night is that the fuckstick singer from Grand Central lit up and blew smoke around me during Red Jezebel's set, despite no-smoking posters being plastered all over the Rosemount. I hope the arrogant little fuck gets run over by a bus.

Braxton Hicks Album Launch @ Rosemount Hotel, Friday July 9th, 2004

I purchased two tickets for this gig weeks in advance (I got ticket #1), with the intention that Jo and I would go along. However she turned out to be really sick on the day of the gig. I offered her ticket to six people, but they were also sick or in the country on the night of the gig. As a result I ended up giving away her ticket on perthbands.

I missed the support bands (The Fergusons & End Of Fashion) and turned up just as Jebediah began their opening song, First Time. The tracks which followed were: Did You Really?, Spoil The Show, Loaded Gun, If You Want It, Fall Down, It's Over, Animal, You Oughtta Know, The Seven Signs Of Ageing, N.D.C., Braxton Hicks, More Alone, Feet Touch The Ground and No Sleep. The encore consisted of October, Leaving Home, Teflon, Monument, Harpoon and Nothing.

Highlights of Jebediah's set were Kevin pulling the piss out of Shannon Noll, an End Of Fashion piss-take during Teflon, the crowd singing Harpoon, Chris playing the intro to Ferris Wheel, and Jebediah's general enthusiasm. Interestingly, the crowd was pretty tame - the Jebediah mosh pits of old had disappeared, and the crowd thinned out quite a bit over the course of the band's 90 minute. I enjoyed myself though.

@ Amplifier Bar,  Tuesday July 13th, 2004

I've never been more excited about a show than this one.  Mclusky played the best set I saw in 2003.  In between that gig and this one I went Mclusky mad, tracking down a heap of rare and bootleg recordings.  I hardly listened to any other band for the first half of 2004 - hence my excitement!

10 Speed Racer and Snowman were the support bands.  Scott Tomlinson gave Duceman and I a shout out during 10 Speed Racer's set, which is somewhat amusing given our history.

Mclusky were awesome.  I wrote about the gig on the mclusky forum:

The show last night was INSANE! The band played a blistering set, then at the end of it Jon climbed up onto a lighting rig at the back of stage and hung off it upsidedown (by his legs). After getting off the lighting rig, Jon sat on top of Jack's shoulders and started beating the shit out of the cymbals.  It was mad.

After the band left stage the house music came back on immediately, as well as a few lights, but most of the crowd held their positions and gave a decent chant for the band. Thankfully came back on, and played Rice is Nice, Whiteliberalonwhiteliberalaction and Friends Stoning Friends.

Then Jon used his mad legs to make a giant leap off the front of stage so he could grab onto another lighting rig (by his hands this time, because this rig was high up). Jon started swinging off the rig and then fell down into the crowd who caught him, and let him take a crowdsurf back onto stage.

I didn't think the band could top their show here last December but they did. There were also more people at this gig - it was pretty packed, especially for a Tuesday night.

I also wrote on perthbands:

BIG THANKS to Heath for bringing mclusky West and for getting an encore to happen even after the house music had come back on.

The photo above of Jon hanging upsidedown is by Boris from, and the mclusky tunings sheet comes from the old mclusky forum. Someone grabbed it at one of the east coast shows.  The setlist is mine!

@ Rosemount Hotel, Friday July 30th, 2004

After a couple of weeks away from gigs due to moving house and working full time, I ventured out to see El Horizonte and Subtruck play at the Rosemount.

I arrived whilst the Screwtop Detonators were playing, however I didn't watch them. Instead I was entertained by Rinnaz (Red Jezebel's manager) and his uncanny ability to link any actor to Kevin Bacon within six steps.

Then came Subtruck. The band took a while to warm up, but once they did they floored everyone! The mix sounded fantastic and the band was full of energy during the second half of their set. Joey K got up and belted out a fantastic rendition of Product Placement, and Subtruck played a great song that Phil-truck announced, "Is a new song which isn't actually new at all."  It featured these awesome guitar solos.  During Subtruck's set three young troublemakers were dancing away very excitedly at the front of stage.  They would later become known as the Truckettes.

El Horizonte were up next. I can't really give a decent review of them because my eyelids were closing over from tiredness by midway through their set. All I really remember is that the crowd had noticeably thinned out compared to when Subtruck were playing.

Josie wrote after the show on perthbands:

This was a fun gig. The crowd was great and the bands' played well. The truck played a fantastic set, as per usual.  Special thanks to Jodie and Marnie for making me feel snug as a bug in our girl sandwich. We'll have to do it again sometime. And extra special thanks to Jodie for being the most challenging porn star competition contender a girl could ask for!

Magz wrote:

I saw said uber porn and it was definitely worth the price of admission alone.

Burb wrote:

I saw an elderly security guard get very warm under the collar whilst attempting to keep his eyes in his head watching it all unfold.  I'm betting he went home and made a deposit at the spank bank.


@ Curtin Uni Tav, Wednesday August 4th, 2004

It was second semester O-Day at Curtin Uni, and as a result there were bands on in the Tavern. I rocked up after a lecture and caught about half of The Jacknives' set, and all of Snowman.  The main thing I remember is that Olga-Snowman was wearing very long socks!

At the time I wrote:

The Jacknives were cool, straight up punk/rock. Snowman were great as per usual, they are my new favourite Perth band.

National Campus Band Competition Heat @ Curtin Uni Tav, Friday August 13th, 2004

I was impressed by the standard of all the bands that competed in this NCBC heat (although I missed the first act, Glue Factor). The bands' seemed to be competent at playing their instruments and were pretty tight on stage. Columbia were the first band I saw.  They sounded very "British". They had a tall guitarist who played good solos. Pegman vs Captain Fat were played funk-influenced tunes and the singer wore a dress on stage. Sunline were my pick of the day. They were easily the most polished band, and they looked like they were having fun on stage, where as most of the other bands looked pretty nervous (as is to be expected in a band comp). Avant Guard put on a hilarious death metal set, while The Remedials were the token emo band of the day. Final placings were: 1st - Avant Guard, 2nd - Sunline, 3rd - Columbia and The Remedials.

National Campus Band Competition Heat @ Curtin Uni Tavern, Friday August 20th, 2004

In between lectures I ducked down to the tav to check out Acetate, who were good. They remind me a bit of Civilised. Acetate frontman and Perthbands identity 'White Domino' is a natural rock star, and had a surprisingly good voice.


Singles & More Tour @ Mojo's, Fremantle, Thursday September 2nd, 2004

After first venturing to Circerellos in Freo to get some fish n chips for tea, Jo and I went along to see Screamfeeder play a Thursday night rockshow.  We walked into Mojos to find Tim and Kellie Screamfeeder doing the door which was a pleasant surprise. First band up for the night was the new look Ikey Mo, followed by the Tucker Bs. I'm not a huge Tucker Bs fan, but I was quite impressed with them at this gig. Some of the Tucker's songs were really powerful, and the bass sound reminded me of Mclusky in parts. The slower, 'noodley' parts of the Tucker B's songs tended me bore me though.

Screamfeeder played practically my dream set!  It leaned heavily on their last album Take You Apart, but also incorporated some of my favourite songs from their back catalogue, such as Mr Tuba, Dart and Hi Cs. They even cranked out the ancient tune Fingers and Toes which Tim Steward said they hadn't played for six years.  You can look at Screamfeeder's setlist by clicking on thumbnail above.  The band finished their set with a cover of the Style Council's Walls Come Tumbling Down.

After the gig I wrote:

I've now gone along to Screamfeeder's last three Perth tours.  I keep going back because they are an awesome live band.  They were easily the tightest, catchiest and most professional band tonight.  The only disappointment was the tiny crowd... there were only 40-odd payers.  This band deserves to be HUGE!

Zombies on the Airwaves of Paris CD Launch @ Rosemount Hotel, Saturday September 4th, 2004

The first thing that struck me at this launch was the size of the crowd. There were close to 600 punters in the room!  Considering that at the time Snowman hadn't scored any JJJ or commercial airplay, the size of the crowd that they pulled was awesome.

Eleventh He Reaches London were pretty cool. They reminded me a bit of Trail of Dead. During one song the band got a bunch of shots on stage and drunk them in time to the music!

Capital City played an entertaining set that featured a few new songs.  Sam Scherr's trademark wit was in full force, proclaiming that one of the new tunes was called Less Accessible Jet.

The Crowd swelled to an uncomfortable level when Snowman took to the stage. I couldn't get closer than about 7 or 8 rows back from the front of the stage. It wasn't the best Snowman set I've seen, but it was entertaining nonetheless. A few guests joined Snowman on stage at various times... a Polaroid Ghost member played a theramin during one song, and a 'Snowman zombie choir' (I think that's what they were called) jumped on stage at the end of the night.

I walked away happy with Joe-Snowman's setlist and a limited edited CD.

Braxton Hicks Album Tour @ Heat Nightclub, Friday September 10th, 2004

After spending seven weeks on touring the east coast, Jebediah and The Fuzz returned to Perth, dragging The Spazzys along with them.

The Fuzz opened proceedings to a relatively small crowd.  It was far from the best Fuzz set I've seen, but still entertaining. The band played a couple of new songs and re-jigged the way in which they played a few of their older tracks.

By the time the Spazzys took to the stage, the crowd had grown considerably. If I was 15 years old and hadn't heard the Ramones I think I would probably like this band.  As it stands, I don't like the Spazzys.  They are too derivative for my liking. The best thing about the band was their enthusiastic drummer.

Jebediah started off promisingly. Puckdefender was an early highlight. I then got pretty bored, which I think was due to tiredness and that I knew the setlist off by heart thanks to the Jebediah forum. I even considered going home halfway through the set. However, what kept me there was that I spotted someone at the front of stage with a sign saying "Clint." I thought that Jebs would probably play it. Alas, they didn't, however the band did dish up a very memorable encore - Star Machine, Monument, Harpoon, Invaders and Teflon. The latter tune was a real treat. Roadie Fergus played Kev's guitar, leaving him to jump around the crowd. Ben and Abbe Fuzz danced drunkenly around on stage like maniacs, managing to fall over a couple of times. Fergus was raised upon someone's shoulders at one point whilst still playing guitar. The spectacle had to be seen to be believed. The performance of Teflon was one of the most entertaining renditions of a song that I've ever seen.

All up it was a good night, but not a great night.

Pisstory DVD Launch @ Bassendean Hotel, Wednesday September 15, 2004

This was an informal launch for the Three Orange Whips retrospective DVD Pisstory.  Stuart Loasby joined three of the four Whips (guitarist James was missing) onstage to belt out a few old favourites, including French Movie, Fuck the Salad and TinaRockArena. Dan Durack wasn't throwing himself around like he used to, but the band still looked like they had fun. I scored a DVD.  It's pretty good. It features a three-camera recording of the Whips farewell show at the Amplifier, as well as a whole lot of old footage, interviews, photos, etc.


@ Steve's Hotel, Nedlands, Thursday October 7th, 2004

This gig wasn't really advertised at all, hence there weren't many people there. The atmosphere was very intimate though. Myself, Jo, Duceman, Trippo, Donna and Tom got to sit on couches about three metres from the front of the stage. Dave McCormack (acoustic guitar) and two of his Polaroids, Dylan (bass) and Shane (drums) played a cool little show. From memory, the setlist included: Who Can it Be? The Truth About Love, Hypnotist of Lady (Part one), Faith Healer, David Bowie, Computers are the New Rock and Roll, Anatomically Correct, The New Matthew and I'm Going to Execute Yr Ex-boyfriend. I think they played The Park as well. After the trio finished their set they were told by the Hotel's management that they would get free drinks if they got back on stage and played more songs, so they did!  Dave asked us couch-sitters what we wanted to hear for the encore.  I requested Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun but they didn't play it.  Instead they bashed out Girls Like That, The Joker (Steve Miller Band cover) and Yer Woman (Whitetown cover). Highlights of the night included Dave dedicating Hypnotist of Ladies to himself, and saying that he ripped Girls Like That off Tom Jones's  Sex Bomb. Dave then gave the crowd a demonstration of his ability to sing Sex Bomb.  He also inserted a stack of WA references (including Esperance!) into one of the songs which was cool. All up it was a good set, although nowhere near as good as Dave's performance with Andrew Lancaster at the Swan Basement in December 2003.

I was going to go and see Dave again on Saturday at the Monkey Bar where he was playing as part of a big "Fuck the Election" show.  Unfortunately I was completely rooted the day of that gig and was asleep by about 10pm, which is a pity because apparently it was a ripper show.

Gravity Games @ McCullum Park, South Perth, Friday 15th October, 2004

When this gig took place I was living about five minutes walk from McCullum Park (on the foreshore in South Perth / Kensington), so I wandered down to check out the bands playing as part of the 'Gravity Games' - an extreme sports festival!  By the time I arrived Lagwagon, Last Year's Hero and MxPx had already played, but Regurgitator were just cranking into their classic I sucked a lot of cock to get where I am. The 'Gurge were pretty good. They played quite a few old songs... Hullabaloo, Black Bugs, FSO, Kong Foo Sing, Song Formerly Know As and Nothing Ever Happens, as well as a couple of tracks off the band's then unreleased Mish Mash album, including The Drop and Metal is Big in the Baltic States.

Unwritten Law played an ok set, but nothing special. Maybe I just can't respect dumb pop-punkers who look like and act like retards. Singer Scott Russo mentioned that he was pretty hammered (actually he said he was 'the most fucked up' he'd ever been) and this showed, his vocals being a little lost in the mix at times. Nevertheless, the crowd went mental during the band's big singles, such as Lonseome and Up all night.


174. TISM
White Albun Tour @ Monkey Bar, Saturday November 6th, 2004

I only decided to go this gig at the last minute. It cost a steep $35 to get in, which I thought would mean crowd number would be down. I was very wrong, as the Monkey Bar was close to a sell out.

TISM sounded pretty ordinary on the night.  There were a lot of problems with their mix - at times the guitars and vocals were close to inaudible. However, you don't go to a TISM show for the 'music.' You go for the theatrics. And there were plenty. The band wore their trademark balaclavas, as well as these giant inflatable balloons that were attached to their shoulders via strings. The band members frequently jumped into the very enthusiastic crowd. A couple of times Humphrey B Flaubert had his balaclava ripped off his face by the crowd. Onstage the band performed some hilarious, choreographed dance routines. It was a high energy performance and very entertaining - well worth the money it cost to get in.

Take the Money EP Launch @ Amplifier Bar, Friday November 12th, 2004

I arrived at this gig in time to see The Camels, a band that I was totally unfamiliar with. I was very impressed with the band's first song. This got me excited about the rest of the Camels' set. Unfortunately things nosedived from that point onwards. The band experienced a number of technical difficulties (or 'testicle difficulties' as they liked to refer to them) such as blowing up a guitar amp. This resulted in the Camels having to play a couple of songs with only one guitar. This showed up the singer's limited vocal range. Most importantly the band's songs, on the whole, weren't up to scratch. The music was simple but interesting enough (reminded me a bit of Ratcat/Ammonia/Automatic) but the lyrics let things down. Too many songs about girls and dogs. The singer looked nervous for most of the set and the band's banter with the crowd was relatively mundane and lacked flair and wit. The band weren't terrible, but they were decidedly middle of the road.

The Amplifier was healthily populated when The Fuzz hit the stage to launch their EP Take the Money. The band put on a stellar performance. Broken Teeth, Action and The Bomb got early slots in the set before a few new-new songs got a run.  Midway through the set the band launched into a mind blowing version of The Beatles Back in the USSR. It was a fantastic cover.  The set was rounded out by You Must Be Dead and Lil' Chuck. The only lowpoint was when the band played Take the Money. Abbe's vocals sounded pretty bad during the song.  Apart from Take the Money the set was brilliant, and very energetic - the band was drunk and on fire!

Other things of note from the night: The Camels' singer reminded me of Simon Day from Ratcat, the Camels' guitarist's haircut made him look like a young Phil Jamieson, and Wanno and Duceman rocked up trashed from a uni-party where they had drunk a fair portion of $700 bar tab. Didn't I know about it...


Two room spectacular @ Monkey Bar & Amplifier, Saturday December 18th, 2004

Thanks to exams, family functions, pub crawls and cricket, this was my first gig in a month.  It was a two room show with about 10 bands on the bill.  Jo and I arrived as El Horizonte were playing. They played a few recognisable tracks like Renaissance Man, as well as a few newies. Singer Ben Horizonte's stage moves were minimal - instead he concentrated on his vocal delivery. Later in the night Jo and I had our first chat in a while with Dan Horizonte (bassist). Dan is completely awesome. Eddie Horizonte also said hello to us but wouldn't shake our hands because he'd just been pissing in the toilet!

By the time The Volcanics hit the stage I was pretty drunk. The Amplifier was packed, the band sounded great and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I found the new drummer's facial expressions particularly amusing.  He looked like an American cartoon superhero with a goofy Roger Ramjett chin.  Later in the night I bought myself a Volcanics' t-shirt.

Next up were The Fuzz in the Monkey Bar. I remember Abbe looking happy and the band sounding good, but I don't really remember too much else..

I spent the half hour after the Fuzz finding Jo a taxi, as she was feeling a bit sick and wanted to go home.  By the time I got back to the Amplifier Mach Pelican were launching into their hit Dance in Chicago, which went down a treat with the completely choccas Amplifier crowd.  It was so full that I couldn't get inside - I had to watch the band from side of stage, near the toilets. Mach Pelican played three more songs before Sin City started playing in the Monkey Bar. I don't recall much of Sin City's set... I do remember them playing Die Pretty Boy and Devil in Me, and that Tom and Tash had stopped doing their traditional mangina/microphone tricks.

Boxing Day Massacre @ Amplifier / Monkey Bar, Sunday 26th December, 2004

The most disappointing thing about this gig is that doors didn't open at the advertised 8pm. The reason this was disappointing was because there was free beer being served between 8 and 9pm. However, the short delay didn't cause too many problems... I was inside by 8.10pm and in the next 50 minutes I think I scored seven free beers.

As far as the bands went, Paul Wood kicked things off with a few tunes off Red Jezebel's Revelations album. Next up was the relatively new band Columbia. These guys are competent enough, but they sound too much like Oasis for my liking. Their song Five Star is pretty catchy though.

On the Monkey Bar stage Cobra Clutch were playing only their 3rd or 4th gig. These guys were pretty good. They had a great sense of humour - there were many references to their supposed Rockingham heritage over the course of their set. It was great to see ex-Jed Whitey and Hailstones Kill 200 drummer Dan Salter beating away at the kit again. Duceman was particularly impressed with Cobra Clutch's cover of the Misfits song Bullet.

Out on a makeshift Warehouse bar stage Sam Scherr was belting out a few Capital City songs. How Come?,  Sri Lanka and Little Town Blues all got a run. Sam was probably my highlight of the night - he is always entertaining to watch.

By this time I'd watched the bands that I'd come for, and I could get a free lift home. So, after watching a couple of Adam Said Galore songs I took off. I was actually a bit reluctant to leave... I hadn't seen ASG before, and they sounded pretty good. All of the band bar the drummer were wearing matching shirts and jeans.